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Walleyes are on a tear!

  • riverking
    se iowa
    Posts: 126

    fished rathbun on friday afternoon and saturday morning mainly for walleyes and caught lots of everything! friday was a perfect day, very little wind and lots of sun. i was pulling a 3″ k-grub pearl/blue salt and pepper on a 1/8 unpainted head behind the boat at trolling speed(idle speed with a 50hp yamaha 4 stroke)and just nailing striper, crappie, and 14-15″ walleys in 5′ FOW. i tried cranks and stick rapalas but the k-grubs were by far the best. also tried drifting thru the same areas with a worm and jig and managed to catch some fish. saturday satrted doing the same thing(k-grub trolling) and could only catch stripers and i mean lots of stripers! ended up in the island view area and drifted worms and picked up several walleyes for the box 14-16″ and then decided to troll cranks again and bam caught a nice 24″ fish and then maybe1 minute late caught a nice 16″. my time was up so i headed home. the crankbait was a #7 jointed fire tiger rapala shadrap. i saw lots of boats trolling cranks and they were all doing well. there were also many boats drift fishing worms and minnows and they were doing well. the walleye have the feed bag on and are on a tear. if you have been putting off going to rathbun get going.

    Clinton County, Iowa
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    You might want to consider a trip home soon. Tut

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