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Public land Yotes

  • Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
    Posts: 1134

    Interested in trying coyote hunting this winter and im curious if anyone has any insight on setups related to public land? I have a hard time believing the youtube videos of guys on fields calling them in would work well in a public land setting. Maybe more where open timber meets swamps? Am I way off?

    Tom schmitt
    Posts: 573

    At this time of year public land is getting very little use. Go for it.

    SW Metro
    Posts: 7287

    I’ve never hunted them, so take this with a grain of salt, but they use lakes/ponds for easier travel. I was amazed at how many yote tracks I saw on and around the pond on public by my house last winter, including some kill sites.

    Posts: 11190

    Yeah the big WMAs and WPAs out West with the ponds, etc would be a great place to hunt. Drainage ditches etc. Ive never hunted em, but a buddy used to have a large group and they would go to the very same areas I pheasant hunted and they did quite well. Snow shoes and lots of walking is what they did. I dont think they tried calling but that could work.

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
    Posts: 1134

    Thats good insight I didnt think about frozen water. I know one spot I have seen a lot of coyote sign was around a frozen swamp.

    craig s
    Posts: 236

    Frozen duck sloughs/wma’s can be great this time of year

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