Portable fish houses

  • Tyler Schaefer
    Southern Minnesota
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    What brand portables does everyone have? I have a Frabill, but have heard clam and otter is good too! Any thoughs/opinions,?

    Thanks, Tyler

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    They are all good. it is just a matter of what one prefers, (Like buying a pick up or a car).

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    I have a clam sled-house combo, I really like it.

    Isle, MN
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    Any house that gets you out is ALL RIGHT !!!! I have a Clam X2 !

    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
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    Otter Resort XT 1200

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    i think it depends how heavy a house you want to drag out. some are light but more fragile and the super durable are heavy can take alot of abuse for long runs and lot of comfort. 150lb house and tackle can be abit to load and uload and pull out. if you use a 4×4 and can load and unload it out of your truck then a better built house is what you want.

    tom hopkins
    Posts: 38

    Otter cabin xt1200. Love it. Have two clam houses also. X2 and Jason Mitchell one man. All good houses but X2 is heavy and hard to pull. Tows nice behind wheeler or sled. I use the one man for early ice only.

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