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Shore fishing;HWY 63 culvert,’gills and crapies

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    I tried to post this last week when I was on vacation but,couldn’t get logged on and could not access my e-mail from work to obtain a new password.So,here it is,a week late but,with the water still pretty high,the fish might still be there.After I recieved word of a decent crappie bite at the HWY 63 culvert,just across the bridge from Red Wing,I gave it an early A.M try last tuesday 7/2.We were home by 8:10 A.M with 45 nice gills and a few crappies.Pretty much the same results on wednesday morning.Very nice sunfish.No pounders but,some genuine wanna be’s in the 12 to 14 ounce variety.That was enough fish to keep and clean for me so, we didn’t go back.I haven’t fished the culvert for a while and usually crappies are the going thing.This was the first time I got into numbers of bluegills there.This can be an excellent shore fishing spot although,quite lacking in aesthetics with the traffic whizzing right by you.You gotta get’um while the water is still high.Mike

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    STOP!!!! you are going to create a traffic Jam! Remember when you park there (Technically is illegal) I have seen the county yell at folks before……and be carefule if you take kids!!!

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