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soldPair of GARMIN 73sv Plus Units $700 for Both

  • B-man
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    Went to all GPSmaps in the big boat, selling a matching pair of 73sv Plus Touchscreen head units with power cords, gimbal/bail mounts, screen covers and factory boxes

    Compatible with Livescope, Panoptix, Side Vu, all ice fishing transducers, etc

    Built in mapping and create your own HD 1′ contours with Quick Draw and a blank chip

    They easily network together or can be ran independent.

    Great all-season units. Easy for moving around into the boat/wheeler/sled/kayak/etc.

    $700 for both. Just add whatever transducer you’d like

    The screens are in great shape with reflections showing in the pic. One has a teenie-tiny short scratch that isn’t noticeable and not even seen in the pics.

    Will ship the pair in one factory box for actual cost ($20-30?)

    1. PXL_20230311_231612792-scaled.jpg

    2. PXL_20230311_231555591-scaled.jpg

    3. PXL_20230311_012852554-scaled.jpg

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
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    Sorry didnt read enough.

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