Need help draining old gas from tank

  • James Moneypenny
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    I have a 2014 Lund 1875 crossover ex. Have had minimal time available over last 18 months and have about a half tank of “old” gas in tank. Suggestions as to how to drain this and start with fresh fuel?

    Eastern Iowa
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    I have had good luck disconnecting a fuel line from my kicker or main engine and using it to siphon the gas. May have to use a double barbed connector and a piece of extra hose to get the siphon going. If you have a bulb in the fuel line you can use it to get the flow started.

    Not sure about your boat but some have an anti-siphon screen in the fill tube that would prevent going in that way with a siphon tube.

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    Above would be my first try , second try would be a clear hose and siphon it out . Not fun . Used to do it with snowmobiles religiously . The pickup always burnt the 11 month old stuff just fine .

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    I have a 12-volt fuel pump and switch mounted to a block of wood. The switch and 5′ hose make sure no spark near the tank hooking to a battery. Never had a taste for gasoline. Did it old school plenty when I was younger.

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