My Brush With The Rich And Famous

  • sji
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    A long time ago in a galaxy far far away….
    Wait…sorry… different dude… different adventure.
    Many moons ago at the recommendation of a fellow member I packed the family into the car to attend a birds of prey show at the Carpenter Nature Center.
    When we arrived, a friendly young lady asked if I would like to become a member of the Center. I explained it would be difficult as I lived 100 miles away. Oh my she exclaimed; how did you ever hear of us? The event was recommended by a gentleman on IDO I responded. Her reply was I know who that man is. He was just here seated at that table in a heated coloring contest with his granddaughter. However, as he was losing, he may have excused himself to dry his eyes.
    A few minutes later a thunderous voice from behind me said, they tell me you are looking for me. I turned to see a large human shaped figure towering above me. A blinding light from behind obscured any details and angelic voices singing rang in my ears.
    Who could this be I thought to myself?
    Perhaps even Barnacle Boy?
    However, when someone closed the window shade the light dimmed and another answered their phone the singing stop.
    There he stood. River Captain, Catfish Guide, Connoisseur of all things Spam and Key Master.
    The infamous BK.
    He still towered over me seeming larger than life. However, as I stood to shake his hand, I realized we were close to the same height. We had a great chat and enjoyed the show and after talked some yet again. One would have to say a more pleasant man I have never met.
    My family and I spent some time enjoying the exhibits and birds on display until it was time to head for home. As I turned to wave goodbye to this fine specimen of mankind, I noticed he was seated at a table with a few minnows in front of him. The minnows were upside down on their backs and he had the strangest smile on his face. I thought it best not to interrupt and took my leave.

    Denny O
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    Yep that’s BK, always sexing the minnows.

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    Did he give you any secret 7 to hand feed the raptors? grin

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    He tried Andy but my mom told me never accept anything from strange men!

    Brian Klawitter
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    In reading the title, I was pretty sure it was a political post. Only took 4 months for me to see it. doah

    Good meeting you and your fam SJI! Glad you enjoyed the show!

    The folks are great at CNC! We adopted a Milk Snake in my Granddaughters name and a Raven will be painting a color picture for her as the weather gets better.

    As we walked around, we were surprised to see the family of a friend of mine adopted Phoenix the bald eagle for a year.

    I think it’s pretty cool to have a person young ones involved in these types of things.

    Thanks for supporting the CNC!

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