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    Good to see everyone last night! Once again–Tainter was tough!! What’s ironic is, it’s a VERY GOOD walleye lake-which during normal daytime hours fishing for fun, many guys report GREAT fishing–but as it happens during a tournament or league event, things change. Evidenced by snapped off trees from more than likely straight-line winds, the thunderstorm from the night before possibly effected the bite. Majority of boats squeaked out a few short fish, with only a few legals hitting the net overall. No worries, we will have better days on this body of water, and with time, will show it’s true colors as a good walleye lake. The obvious answer is, these fish move, and seems the weather moves them–once again, I have a renewed repect for the power of mother nature! Next week, back to Menomin for the league’s year-end event!

    See you all on the water!


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    Good luck on your run for aoy Doc!

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    If this were a rockbass contest, I’d be winning by a MILE, no TWO MILES!!!!!

    St. Croix ‘ought to make a MOJO ROCKBASS series.

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