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live imaging boat mount for pole

  • Skinny
    Posts: 13

    Hi Guys,

    Doing some research on how to mount the pole for Mega live on my boat. Would like to keep it portable to use on trips with other boats. Has anyone tried to mount the transducer pole to a Scotty rod holder mount? is there just too much give to make it stable or does it break the post off? my boat doesn’t have a rail system, and my friends boats don’t either. Trying to come up with an idea to not have to make more holes and be able to use it out multiple sides of the boat. Thanks

    Brady Valberg
    Posts: 324

    Summit fishing equipment…their pole scotty ram ball and ram arm…can’t really troll w it bc its not sturdy enough but it keeps it portable

    Posts: 272

    I use summits system as well. For what you describe it seems perfect. No it’s not as sturdy as some of the others out there, but it is very portable/transferable and still works very good….Im able to run mine up to 3mph without issue, just need to position it so the pole is also snug up against the rub tail for a little stronger hold.

    Red Wing
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    I so the same as Smellson.

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    I don’t recommend using the ram mount to scotty. I tried when my buddy visited me last year with his livescope. Did not work great at all.

    Bought my own unit this year and am putting tracks on the boat. Much sturdier.

    Shell Rock Iowa
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    Would like to keep it portable to use on trips with other boats.

    I use the Ram Ball Mounts because that system is so portable. The ball size I use is 1 1/2 inch diameter. Just open the clamping arm, remove from the ball on boat “A”, reclamp it to the ball on boat “B”.

    Ram makes all kinds of clamp mounts to add a ball base temporarily to most any application.

    The unit itself is all self contained with it’s own 32 amp lithium battery.

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