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Line weight question

  • Gary O
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    My musky rod is rated for 20-50 pound line. The rod is a medium heavy with a fast tip. Currently I have Power Pro 50# braid on my reel. My question is am I going to have any problems if I replace the 50# Spectra line with 80# Super 8 Slick V2? Thanks for your help with this.

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    I have been exclusively using 80 or 100 pound line for years without any issues. Not saying you wont have issues, but its been fine for me.

    R Petersen
    Posts: 95

    I have never had line weight problems in any spinning reel. Some have 2 spools. 4 # Mono and 60 # braid. The braid should work fine as it is the softest line. At + 60 # test. ALL solid single strand should be stiffer at all temperatures

    Farmington, MN
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    You will be fine as long as you don’t do something dumb like bend you rod 145+ degrees. Most reels max drag doesn’t exceed 25 lb. I have been using 80-100 lb without any issue for a long time.

    R Petersen
    Posts: 95

    Excellent points Rodwork. I know line drag in the GUIDES will increase as a rod is bent more than my usual 45 degrees. I have loosened the snug fit of the ferrule joints 60 years ago. I was doing that ” leaning backward & …U bending …the rod needlessly. The softer guides grooved very quickly with big Carp & catfish in river currents.

    Using 4# test Mono quickly taught me to do better rod angles.

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