Wagon Train

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    My boys and I took the boat out to Wagon Train for its maiden voyage of the year. We didn’t have any luck at all. The wind was too strong for bass fishing, so we tried drifting flats for cat’s or walleyes, nothing. Tried trolling cranks and that produced one lost jointed Shad Rap for our trouble. The lake is extremely muddy yet from the rain last week. Areas where I caught bass last week are under two or three feet of water now. The lake’s vegetation might be in trouble unless the lake clears up soon. The sun is needed for the weeds to grow.

    zachary fries
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    WELCOME TO IDA CornHunka and thanks for the report

    Ben Garver
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    Welcome to IDA CornHunka. I was wanting to get out to WT myself but knew things might be tough after all the rain last week. Stage Coach is the same way right now but I’ve heard there are still some decent fish being caught. Hopefully things will clear up soon.

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    Great to have another NE guy on board!!

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    Welcome to the campfire Cornhunka.

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    Welcome to the IDA CornHunka! Thanks for the update. I haven’t been to WT yet this year, but we have a Tuesday night tournament there next week. How has the bass fishing been out there?


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    Last Monday (April 23) I and another fellow caught 20 to 25 bass with the biggest being close to four pounds, in fact we got two that size and I lost what I think was a bigger fish when my knot gave out. Most of the bass were caught on bright colored spinnerbaits thrown almost up to the bank and retrieved just fast enough to keep it out of the weeds. The fish I lost was on a crankbait and I got a couple on a Senko worm. All were caught on the northwest side around those islands (that are now under water).

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