March 21 Report

  • orion94
    them thar hills, SW Nebraska
    Posts: 173

    Went out to an area lake today for a few hours and did some major battle with the wind . Water temps were right at 50 or so. Managed to catch a few Walleye the biggest going just over 15 inches. That one is going to the frying pan . No crappie to speak of yet. All in all not a bad day just real tough for one guy to manage a boat and two rods with this kind of wind. Spring is here and the fish are biting

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
    Posts: 3149

    Good to hear you got on a few fish! I was going to head out somewhere this afternoon but that wind is a bit stiff. Sounds like we may even get some severe thunderstorms later. Bring on the rain!! We still need a lot of water around here.

    zachary fries
    Central Nebraska
    Posts: 1435

    SUPPER Must have got the prop fixed

    them thar hills, SW Nebraska
    Posts: 173

    Yeah I carry a spare prop just in case. Now I have to get another since I am using my spare.

    Lincoln, Ne
    Posts: 164

    Nice fish Chris…. glad to see someone made it out and got into some action. The crappie bite is not far off now and the walleye spawn should be getting under way as well.

    Layne Monroe

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