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Ice Fishing Results 1/20 – 1/22?

  • Rainylakefisher
    Posts: 48

    Did anyone actually have GOOD fishing last weekend on the ice? My buddy and I were on Winnie and we caught 5 fish in 48 hours on the ice! The people we talked to had similar luck.

    Our flasher screens showed fish (sometimes multiple) much of the day, but very little interest in chasing the lure or biting on a wide variety of presentations. The barometric pressure wasn’t super high, but the fish seemed more lethargic than I can ever recall. Jigging did nothing. Rattle reels did nothing. Any thoughts or stories to share?

    North branch, mn
    Posts: 10355

    We had slower fishing but our biggest crappies to date. Seen 2 big walleye come out both 27 plus but not from me, was a guy with us though

    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2443

    It was slow for us on Mille Lacs also, some fish caught but overall slow. We did not get out and work for them though, more chilling in the shack did not jig any up all came on rattle reels. A few weeks ago on Winnie we had tons of tiny perch filling up the flasher and had to wait until the window opened up and caught a few eyes, most we did not mark.

    Posts: 2885

    Was on leech and was slow as hell. Tiny perch lit up the Vexilar non stop. I finally just put the rods away and put the rattle reels down and said screw it. We caught a few nice fish but it was very slow for us

    Posts: 457

    Walleyes were biting reliably early and late on 1/4oz Mooneye jig and 5” Zoom Super fluke. Between about 9 and 3, we pursue other species more willing to bite in mid-day.

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    Posts: 511

    Pretty meh weekend in ND. Too easy to blame it on weather for us. Just didn’t move around enough most likely. Couldn’t crack 12.5” on perch.

    Learning to slow down and enjoy just hanging out instead of gunnin’ too hard.

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    Posts: 510

    Went out one afternoon this weekend for about 3 hours (left at dusk). Slowest outing so far this year.

    Posts: 284

    I have had largely a good year metro wise. I have gotten into decent walleye every weekend but this weekend was brutal for whatever reason fishing a spot twice that has produced fish on a regular basis. Only 1 small walleye in two nights. The action walleye-wise always seems to slow down for a couple of weeks here in the metro this time of year. I marked definite walleye during primetime hours but they were not aggressive as usual. Will probably be looking to go up north this Thursday to get on some better fish again. I’ve gotten my money’s worth every time I have made a drive this year.

    Posts: 1125

    3 days straight 4 perch umpteen drill batteries drained looking for fish nope not my best week. Your not alone. Sounds like crappies somewhere in Alex though doah

    Two Harbors, MN
    Posts: 3585

    I’d say it was just fine.
    Me, son and wife for a few hours.

    Fishing tourneys will prove that someone is ALWAYS catching fish. You just have to find them and fish them.

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    Ryan Schwartz
    Posts: 58

    Panfish bite was ok on Saturday in Western Wisconsin. No trophies, but the fish were actively biting.

    Isanti, MN
    Posts: 1014

    Fished MilleLacs Thursday-Sunday. Thursday & Friday were pretty good & we caught some quality fish. Once Saturday AM rolled around they just shut off. Not even a bite after 9am Saturday until I left at 11am Sunday. Kinda weird. Overall we’ve been doing pretty good the last 3 weeks in the skid house.

    Posts: 303

    Fished frontenac 1pm-5pm Saturday. Ended up with 3 decent sauger and a white bass. Nothing crazy but not terrible. Way more pressure than I would have expected. And no, I didn’t park on the ice! doah doah doah

    Posts: 831

    Red was great but it’s been good for us all year long. Our bite up shallow is still producing fish and since we can now get out to our deeper spot 9ft that is turning on pretty hot. We had times that all 4 lines had a fish on them. Twice we landed all 4 and others we only got 2 or 3 and lost the others.

    Heading out in the metro this week see if I can get a few gills and crappies.

    Posts: 35

    Fishing on LOTW the 19 and 20th was the best I have ever had up there. It was even better that I had my favorite fishing partners with.

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    John Rasmussen
    Posts: 2443

    Nice job, it is fun up there when you do land on them. Great seeing the smiles on the youngens waytogo

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