Hurricane Hilary

  • Dutchboy
    Central Mn.
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    I thought Trump put and end to her once and for all in 2016. smirk

    Plymouth, MN
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    Jokes aside, it’s the first tropical storm to hit Southern California in like 84 years. It’s a category 4 right now off Baja but it’s expected to weaken upon arrival to cooler waters. 8 inches of rain in Palm Springs and 4 inches in Vegas?? Lol that’s a crap load of rain for the desert in August.

    East Bethel, MN
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    Hurricane Don couldn’t make it out of a wet paper bag.

    Brad Dimond
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    The western US needs the water but the landscape isn’t capable of handling that much rain. Flash floods, mudslides and more. Yet another reason to be glad you don’t live there.

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    Sad hope the sane people will evacuate and be safe. In other news, No traffic on LA interstate.

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    Maybe Cali will break off and fall into the Ocean. Biden has enough people coming in from across the southern boarder to replace them anyway.

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