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Help on Cheq Bay

  • z-man
    Dousman, WI
    Posts: 1344

    Heading up Friday for our very first outing on these waters. Planning on targeting smallies for part of the time, and bringing some Lake MI gear (lead core,boards, and dipseys) for salmon/trout to mix it up a bit. Walleye would be a bonus. Will check in at the bait shop to see if we can get some direction, but anyone on IDO have any suggestions on where/how to start. will probably be staying in Washburn.

    Justin Phillips
    Bloomer, WI
    Posts: 129

    Cheq Bay is unreal for trophy smallies in oct and nov. I have always worked the ashland shoreline with crankbaits for best success. Ironically though, my largest smallmouth out of the bay came on the way home from salmon fishing one of the tribs. All I had on me was my salmon spoons but I decided to take a few casts out near where the ore dock used to be and landed my personal best. For salmon/trout, I would troll near the mouths of the onion and sioux rivers as they should be moving in soon.

    Dousman, WI
    Posts: 1344

    Here’s the summary of our first trip to Cheq bay, Friday afternoon, Oct 10 thru Monday afternoon. Got some general pointers about the community spots at the Ashland breakwall, and the Rock pile. Also joined on the water by a local friend on Sunday , who took us out to Long island, before the wind kicked up. Our learning curve took us from 6 smallies on Friday, to 12 on Saturday (5 hrs), to 25 or so on Sunday, and then the bonanza day on Monday with over 40 in 6 hours or so, close to shore. Half the fish were in the 17 to 19 inch range, with several over 20. Funny thing was, dragging suckers was the only method that caught fish. We tried plastics in all areas, even when the frenzy was happening, and did not catch a single fish. Local bait shop indicated that the temps (49 to 52 degrees) were too warm for a plastic bite, but that it should be changing soon. The rock pile was a steady producer, when you could keep the boat on the fish when you found them, anywhere from 14 to 18 fow.
    Also spent Saturday morning trolling for salmon and trout north of Washburn, with one 27 inch brown and a 21 inch laker in 4 hours.
    All in all, with great weather and good fishing, we plan on a return trip next year, but maybe a bit later in October, unless water temps cool earlier.

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