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Helix 7 w ipilot link

  • George Nemett
    Posts: 3

    Hey Im thinking about buying a hummingbird finder. I live in Ontario Canada can someone tell me if any of the mapping software now available will work using the follow contour lines on Canadian lakes?
    Last time I checked lakemaster did not work in Canada for this feature.

    Perham Mn
    Posts: 202

    If the lake you want isn’t listed you can make your own map with the ‘bird’. It’s called AutoChart. You make your own maps so if you are looking for certain structure it won’t show unless you cover it while mapping. Humminbird has some great vids on their site.

    Karry Kyllo
    Posts: 815

    Your lake may be listed but it has to be mapped in High Definition (HD) for i-Pilot Link Follow the Contour to work. Like slowpoke refers to, you can map your lake and use Follow the Contour from that map also. I use Follow the Contour on HD lakes alot and love it but I’ve never used it on a lake that I’ve mapped.

    George Nemett
    Posts: 3

    ok thx, guess I will wait and see if they do improve the detail on our maps before spending that much cash

    Posts: 1465

    You can in fact do follow-the-contour on the standard/non-HD maps. However, it probably won’t be all that effective because the accuracy of the map isn’t very good. You’d probably be better off recording a track and then going back and follow that, or just use auto pilot.

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