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Headed to Clear Lake this weekend…

  • Trevor Ellingson
    Long Lake, MN
    Posts: 58

    Headed down to Clear Lake this weekend and just wondering if anyone has a report of ice thickness? How’s the bite? We’ll be down there for a couple days and willing to chase fish. Thanks in advance.

    Posts: 410

    Iowa dnr always has good reports. Farmers beach has always been good for me. Some of the small lakes in the area have nice gills you might what to try them if you get tired of yanking yellows.

    Trevor Ellingson
    Long Lake, MN
    Posts: 58

    Thanks @brad-o. I will check out their dnr site, and always looking for nice gills for sure. Any idea on ice thickness out there? Are people driving out in full size trucks? Debating on bringing a side by side down, but would rather not if the ice is thick enough for the truck. Thanks for the info.

    Brook Filson
    Posts: 2

    Vehicles are being driven on the Lake, however check with the Crazy Minnow bait shop for latest details.
    Good Luck

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