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Harlan 8/30/09

  • mb376
    Lincoln, Nebraska
    Posts: 120

    I don’t think this report will come as a shock to most but I will put it up here anyway. Lots of reports from Harlan about little white bass, but here you go.

    Countour Trolling
    Water Temp 75.
    Speed 2.5-3 mph

    The wife and I got a rare trip by ourselves thanks to my sister-in-law babysitting. I decided to down to Harlan since I haven’t been there since I was a kid.

    We left bright and early and were on the water by 7. The gulls were working back in the sticks on the north shore right away. I resisted the temptation to follow multiple boats back to the gulls mainly becaus I don’t like donating lures. There were also several boats parked on the main lake points slabbing. I am not one who likes to pull up to the next guys to catch fish so I decided to work on my trolling skills figuring I would luck into something sooner or later.

    We began by flatlining various cranks and we had some success anywhere and everywhere on lots and lots small white bass. It seriously gets to the point where it is the same as taking a weed off your crank. The morning produced alot of small fish and one decent white bass.

    In the afternoon I got out the leadcore rod. I am a newbie to leadcore and wanted to practice more than anything. I quickly found it was outproducing everything, I even picked up a walleye on the lead. I quickly segmented 4 colors onto an abu baitcaster I had along and we started to pull lead on 2 rods.

    The boats finally cleared off the main point I really wanted to fish, so I began to contour troll targetting 25-30 trying to keep the cranks a little ways off the bottom. This seemed to be the ticket for bigger fish. Over the next half hour we caught a dozen more whites but now 8 of them were 12 inches or better. Like my typical outing about the time I had it figured out and the evening bite was starting I had to go home.

    Not the greatest fishing ever but we had fun doing something no one around us was doing and I am pretty sure we did just as well.

    The best part was my wife got to see how nice my investment in an Auto Pilot Terrova was (a sore subject earlier in the year). I used the big motor with pro-trollers for thrust but never turned the steering wheel while trolling all day. She also remarked how she understood why I always want to go all day .

    I apologize for the heavily cropped photos, my wife was wearing a 2 piece and I don’t think she wanted me posting the full photos here. Next time I will get better fish photos, wasn’t really thinking I would post anything.

    Ben Garver
    Hickman, Nebraska
    Posts: 3149

    Great report!! Sounds like you may be investing in some more lead core. I love fishing with lead. I’ve used it nearly every trip I’ve been on this year here in Nebraska. It all started back in April when nobody believed it was working. Thanks for the report and some great pictures.

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