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Guide or shack rental Recommendation Needed

  • jbg1219
    NW Iowa
    Posts: 548

    I just got home from a trip that was a complete bust. I understand fishing is fishing, and they are not going to jump out of the hole every trip, But 2 of us, and out 2 sons each (all of age that can fish on there own) just spent a bit of money to mark 3 fish and catch 1. Not even a hit overnight on the rattle reels. Pretty disappointed, I was not expecting to fill the freezer, but WOW was it bad. Would like to go up and do it again, but this time catch some fish. All we need really is sleeper or 2 put on a spot that that will produce a few fish. We have portables to go roam about and do some hole hopping, but would like to be on a active lake. It was great watching football while fishing, would like try it while catching sometime.

    SE MN
    Posts: 3456

    it happens. i was on Mille lacs last winter in a sleeper for 2 nights and marked 2 fish and caught 1. house 50 yards from ours got 15 in one night. life isn’t fair. i dont know anything on SD lakes but i have never been skunked on UPRL or LOW.

    Nevis, MN
    Posts: 5116

    Like eyeguy said, it happens. I’m on LOW right now and it’s dead, we’ve got 5 keepers with one being a walleye. Tonight’s our second night with two more to go, just waiting for a flurry!

    Posts: 39

    We stayed with JR Anderson guide and shack rentals last Friday to Monday on Bitter Lake. We caught ZERO fish in 3 days and only 4 bites. Didn’t mark many fish at all. Nice houses and we still had a good time but the fishing was terrible.

    Adam Steffes
    Posts: 440

    I think people can and do catch walleyes on SD lakes. That is undeniable. I think the odds of someone unfamiliar with a lake in SD showing up and catching a walleye while ice fishing are slim. I am not a good fisherman at all, but I have been trying to learn to be better for years and I think I have caught maybe 3 walleyes in SD in winter. I can get perch but walleyes are a struggle. I also typically take family out and set up shop one one spot all day so the expectations are low. I can say I have never caught a limit of eyes in SD in the winter. Same with Wisconsin. I have done it in MN though many times. I have caught more eyes in one day in MN than lifetime total on SD and WI waters. Again, casual fisherman and very little time to put in to travel and fishing.

    Posts: 740

    Guys that come over to SD from the east tend to struggle on walleyes their first few trips. Not to mention this year has been goofy from the start of early ice.

    A few general tips:
    There’s always walleyes shallow.

    Bite windows can be short, and can later in the morning and earlier in the afternoon that one might think is the case, even in clear water. Drill your holes early and let the area quiet down for 20 minutes.

    Run big baits. You’ve got 4 lines to use, make sure 2 of them have chubs, suckers, shiners, etc. Can’t tell you how many 16″ eyes I’ve caught on tip-ups intended for pike.

    Noise is your enemy.

    If you didnt mark fish on a given piece of structure at dawn, fish something different at sundown.

    Don’t anchor yourself to one spot for 4 days. Can be frustrating if you’re in a rental, but communicate with the outfitter and see about moving to a fresh spot, or at least bring a hub with and set it up on a different hump, inside turn, flooded road, point, etc. to see if there are active fish in another area.

    Also, Waubay, Bitter, & Poinsett are great fisheries. But do yourselves a favor and go explore. Just because there’s 250 trucks at the ramps, doesn’t mean that the bite is so good you need to be there too. That may mean pick a different part of that lake, or move on to another less pressured lake.
    We have in SD what we refer to as “the herd.” As soon as word gets out, mainly regarding a perch bite, it seems like the same guys show up to that lake. Whether they are chasing internet reports, bait shop reports, or what have you, they never seem to go off and find their own bites. The number of people on the lake should not be considered a measure of fish activity. If you’re in Wisconsin and hear that Bitter Lake is kicking out 13″ perch, 1. Assume the average size is 9″, and 2. Assume it will be a zoo when you get there.

    North branch, mn
    Posts: 12746

    Old post, but I just got home from waubay, 4 of us went out. Never been there before. Wasn’t even ever on my radar. Buddy mentioned it and we got lucky. We caught a ton of perch, biggest being 13inch roughly. But even more impressive, we caught a bunch of walleyes. All I can say is having that many lines out was a riot. Wasn’t able to relax at many times.
    I will say we happened to stumble on the perch morning 1 and keep with them all weekend. Walleyes mixed in. Evening hours we would go sit else where for walleyes and it paid off. Very fun trip it will be a new annual trip for us.

    Doug M
    SE SD
    Posts: 263

    How was the ice?

    North branch, mn
    Posts: 12746

    How was the ice?

    Starting to honey comb, shore lines getting ugly. Lots of slush the afternoon, but firm in the am. Definitely a few more days of atv access. But if it rains I bet it’ll be over.

    Posts: 1499

    We were out their 10 days ago and did really well with walleyes. Found a lake and pounded sunnies 8-9″s. Caught a few perch but was hoping that would have been better. Also got some nice pike. Biggest was 36.5″ just back again yesterday. Pounded the sunnies again but could not find the walleyes. Landings were bad had a hard time finding places to get one ice.

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