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Garmin update 20.0

  • tsamp
    eldora, iowa
    Posts: 363

    Have 93sv UHD. Updated to 19.20 and was great. Could watch 2-1/16 oz jigs at 30 feet Updated to 20.0 and can not see jigs like before. Any way to go back to 19.20 update?
    P.S My perspective mode shows fish better on 20.0

    Posts: 8938

    You can force old updates via the SD card and a specific button combination held down on bootup, but it’s at your own risk as you can brick your head unit…

    You should wait a few days for more reviews of 20.00 to come out and pay close attention to their settings as more guys gets a chance to install and use it. The guys I pay attention to all swear it’s the best Livescope update Garmin has ever released…

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