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Needed Fishing help in Olympia Washington….

  • drew-evans
    rochester MN
    Posts: 1099

    I am in Olympia Washington at my sister in laws for Christmas and have an opportunity to go fishing Tommorow. I have a borrowed rod and real from one of the neighbors and some meps spinners, also have a cabals close by. I have no knowledge of the fishing out here, besides what I’ve found online. It seems to be a day to day fishery chasing the winter steel head in the rivers. I have found that the cowlitz river may be good but is an hour from me. Any tips at all would be apretiated! Spots techniques tackle bait. I have seen a three way set up with egg row as bait but it is tied strangely I think I could figure it out but do not know if I can buy this bait at cabals. Again any info would be great! Thanks have a merry Christmas ido’ers!

    Cokato, MN
    Posts: 114

    I would just get some shrimp and bobber fish them.

    Eden Prairie
    Posts: 857

    I have fished once up there for steelhead. The Solduc, Bogachiel, and Hoe were the local favorite rivers. The same presentations that work in the midwest should also work up there. You should also be able to shore fish or use waders.

    rochester MN
    Posts: 1099

    Thanks guys

    Good hour from whitewater
    Posts: 468

    Did not see this in time for your outing but the Cowlitz at barrier dam or downstream used to be good. Drifting eggs worked well on steelhead for us back when I lived in Olympia and got down there during the winter months. Maybe you will get out again before returning.

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