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Big Stone

  • Sartell Eye Guy
    Sartell, MN
    Posts: 624

    Anybody else get out today?

    Fishing was pretty good. We just pitched and boated enough to keep it interesting

    I don’t know what the city of Ortonville is thinking though, the access in town looks like a disaster area – it’s just a total mess. There was one rig parked there when we drove into launch. Ended up going to Mallard because it was so bad in town. (Mallard was packed)

    Big Stone Lake Sd
    Posts: 257

    I was out a few times today, did pretty well pitching a jig and minnow in 1-2 FOW. I also caught 4 off the dock tonight with the same presentation.

    Lakeville, MN
    Posts: 674

    What were the water temps? Does it look like the spawn is done? Good to hear some fish are biting.

    Posts: 963

    Man I can’t wait! Were the males still droping? That shallow bite is AWSOME!

    Sartell Eye Guy
    Sartell, MN
    Posts: 624

    Temps were 50 up to 54 depending on what section of the lake.

    The males made a total mess of my boat and rain gear. So yes, still dropping.

    We had livebait with, but never used it.

    Quintin Biermann
    Webster, South Dakota
    Posts: 436

    Sounds like some good fishing going on. It will be interesting to see what it will take to win the classic as in years past it seems it is not a numbers game but more of a quality game that wins the classic. I am sure a shallow presentation will take top honors somebody pitching cranks shallow.

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