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Fly in camp fishing- ontario

  • Skinny
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    Hi Guys.
    looking for advice on what to bring on a fly in trip. I have it booked. They have 12 volt power only- from solar… looking for- if you have been on a trip like this, what did you wish you had remembered… I just thought of- water- what do you recommend for drinking water on a trip- certain purifier? looking to stay 4 days. can bring 100 pounds max with food and stuff… what bait should I order at the bait shop? this is central Ontario, in mid August. Thanks for any help.

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
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    Off Mosquito coils. Quality rain gear. Jigs & plastics. Camera.

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    Did a fly in out of Rusty’s, our weight limit was less as we hag big guys. Fortunately the pilot said he’d make a trip back the next day with enough beer to last 5 days, can’t remember using any water other than lake water.. cabin was solar power with a propane fridge. The ride out was something to remember, was a heavy thunderstorm & they shut down all flights after hearing what we went through, thankfully our pilot must have flown in nam, never skipped a beat but that old beaver took a beating, tough ass plane!

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    We use to wear all of our heavy clothes when we would board the plane. That would give us more pounds for the luggage. And yes bug spray is a must

    Eau Claire, WI
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    About 25 years ago on a lake by gods lake my father was fishing with a couple of his nephews who were doctor’s. They brought Iodine pills for the water. Its was a very hot week well into the 90’s and by the end of the week the pills were all gone and they had to boil there water and then sink it into the lake to cool. He said when the bush pilot landed to pick then up the first thing the pilot did was to put his mouth in the lake and took a drink. They all said they really felt stupid boiling there water. I guess when you have doctors with you they tend to take extra percautions. Obviously this was a very clear lake.

    Hudson, Wi/Aitkin Co
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    I’ve done a couple remote Canadian trips. In my case they were approached as though they were blown remote camping trips. Similar gear to what I would have taken on a BWCA canoe trip with the exception of not needing a tent. We definitely filtered water for drinking. I have a couple different pumps I’ve used (MSR, Katadyn) and some Sawyer gravity filters.

    Best bet would be to see what the outfitter has available and go from there (i.e. cooking stoves, fuel, cook kit, etc.). Also, your food planning may be affected based on accommodation for perishables and how realistic it is to bring coolers/ice based on weight restrictions.

    Wish lists are hard to generate because they’re relative to the individual and their personal experiences. Things like that are too dependent on personal expectations. Obvious basics are water, food & cooking, first aid kit, sleeping, clothing & fishing gear. The one thing I would recommend is to verify if a satelite phone is available for emergencies. Look into renting one if needed.

    Isle, MN
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    Thermocells and pads and butane. block ice. I have used frozen minnows and caught just as many without. sat phone.

    Greg Gillissie
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    definately the mosquito coils, a light weight headnet, and i find the most important thing is a hanging bug net to hang above your bed. I,ve been to Ontario many times and every year i bring less. You dont say what your gonna fish for. walleye – some 1/4 and 3/8 oz. jigs and a half of crawler is all i ever use. put on a white 4″ mister twister type plastic tail for walleye and pike. Dont over pack on clothes but bring a warm hoody and full rainsuit. If bringing alcohol consider a bottle instead of beer. a case of beer is twenty pounds.

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    I’ve been lucky enough to have been on about 16 fly-ins in my life, and everyone here’s generally got a good idea of what to bring. We bring a pump-handle water filter just to get all the extra crap out of there, although some years it breaks and we just go the boiling route. I would highly recommend Crystal Light or similar packets to add flavoring.

    I’d definitely also recommend the mosquito coils or a good Thermacell, especially in the bedroom for a little bit before you go to sleep, unless you want to lay in bed hearing the buzzing and swatting at them all night. Although how well the cabin is sealed will really make a difference on the bugs you get. Mid-August they’re usually not too bad, at least comparatively.

    Since you’re only going for a few days, I’d probably just bring one change of clothes or so, along with some lightweight long underwear, a hoodie/jacket, and lightweight rain gear, just in case. We’ve been on trips in August where we were using the wood stove every night!

    As far as lures go, I honestly haven’t used anything other than 1/4 or 3/8oz jig and some Gulp for probably the last five years for walleye, unless I was bored with catching them that way and wanted to try something different. Just pick up a few packs of each size (chartreuse, gold, white, pink and orange) and a few packs of Gulp twister tails (chartreuse is pretty much my go-to, but I’ve also used white and their mixed colors with success), and you’re set! Other guys will use bait, but since you can’t bring salted minnows across anymore, we don’t bother.

    If you chase pike, just bring plenty of leaders, spoons, spinnerbaits, and pretty much whatever else you want to play with! I always add a few vibrating crankbaits like Rattle Traps or Rippin Raps, I do really well with those.

    Good luck on your trip, I’m sure it’ll be a blast!

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