Finicky Fooler vs. I Fish Pro 2.0?

  • usmarine0352
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    So, thinking about getting a Finicky Fooler or I Fish Pro 2.0.

    What I like about the Finicky Fooler is that you don’t need the plastic clip like you do with the I Fish Pro 2.0. However, it can tip over in the wind, the rod could go down the hole (without the hole cover that you could buy), and I have heard of some durability issues.

    The I Fish Pro 2.0 is nice because your rod won’t go down the hole, the built-on hole cover is insulated, your rod will not go down the hole.

    So, what is better, Finicky Fooler or I Fish Pro 2.0?

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    Not even a contest finicky fooler. Finicky fooler has insulated hike covers and isn’t such a pain in the ass to get the rod out when trying to get a fish. Hands down better design.

    Matthew Sandys
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    I have both and I take fooler for ease of use and how compact it is.

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    Finicky foolers are fantastic. Very simple but incredibly effective. Not sure why it would ever tip over or how the your rod could go down the hole…with any marketing at all, finicky fooler would outsell I fish pros 10:1

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    FF for me. IFP are too bulky and expensive IMO.

    Justin Laack
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    Count me in on voting for the fooler.. fished with a guy with an ifish pro and my fooler got more fish using the same jigs, bait and area as his pro. I also like how compact the ff is compared to the pro.

    East Bethel, MN
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    Fooler. The ifishpro fooled me for a few years now I wouldn’t ever own another one.

    Gimme a finicky fooler any day.

    I’m willing to give away all my 1.0 ifishpros. I think all have broken flags and a couple have broken trigger rings. The only thing I like is how noisy they were when they went off.

    Upper Midwest
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    Finicky Foolers or plain old tip ups in a clean sweep.

    The guys I fish with run iFish Pros (first version) and most have broken flags, and just a few of them packed in a sled take up too much space. They have started transitioning back to lightly set tip ups with a few trying the Finicky Foolers

    North branch, mn
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    I fish pros are a joke. Finicky fooler x 100.
    I’ve used the ff along time. And if your rod falls down the hole then you probably are doing something very wrong lol, never heard that one before

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    I will live and die by my Finicky Foolers. I probably catch more fish on them than anything else.

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    Farmington, MN
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    Another vote for Finicky Fooler for all the same reasons listed above.

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    Finicky foolers , we use the in ND and they are great . Pack up a lot easier no issues.

    Reef W
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    Finicky Fooler

    Jason Bernhardt
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    Finicky fooler for sure! They store very compact so you can fit a bunch in a bucket or tote & you don’t need any special clips attached to your line.

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    I think the consensus says Finicky Fooler so go out and get an IfishPro LOL

    Jon Jordan
    St. Paul, Mn
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    Remember or FYI, the “Hook Setter” model is illegal in Minnesota.


    East Bethel, MN
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    Posts: 17614

    Every time I watch someone use the IfishPro and get the rod out of the rod holder and the tip up sticks to the rod I laugh.

    Hudson, WI
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    Am nuts or dumb for not wanting any of these things? Must be the Wisconsin in me but I prefer to just use tip ups and jig in the shack. The hand over hand battler is fun for me and something different than using a rod and reel.

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    And they said IDO was a bunch of fanboys.

    Another vote for the fooler, although I also enjoy tip-up action.

    East Bethel, MN
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    Am nuts or dumb for not wanting any of these things? Must be the Wisconsin in me but I prefer to just use tip ups and jig in the shack. The hand over hand battler is fun for me and something different than using a rod and reel.

    Not at all. Tip ups tend to do better in colder weather because the line reel is below the surface of the water. It’s the main issue I have with these rod/reel tip ups.

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    i bought the og ifishpro and it was ok, but the finicky fooler is 2 for the price of one of the new ifishpros.

    its easier to pack and it works just fine. we love our foolers. I literally had guys ordering them on their phones while fishing the river in northern iowa last year.

    AK Guy
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    I use a FF inside my fish house. I like a flag popping up and not worrying about the hole freezing over. I put old school tip ups outside the house.

    Red Eye
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    Ifish=bulky junk. Never used a FF but we use Artic Warrior tip ups by clam. Very similar to the FF. Always have 2 in my rod bag. It might be the only Clam product that I would endorse. Check em out before you buy.

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    In the wind and cold of ND I pretty much always find insulated tip ups the best choice for outside lines. I do use my IFP’s as my night time set up in my hub when I’m ice camping, as the noise of them going off along with a bell will surely get your attention. I do have a couple FF on order, and wouldn’t be surprised if those become my new nighttime choice as they just look simpler to use and less bulky to carry.

    Shell Rock Iowa
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    Remember or FYI, the “Hook Setter” model is illegal in Minnesota.


    Good reminder.

    It would appear that the “flag” mechanism is identical between the FF Tip-up and the FF Hooksetter. I wonder how difficult it would be to remove (and replace as needed/desired) the “hook setting” feature to modify the FF to comply with the applicable laws for the location at hand.
    Use as a hooksetter where legal. Use as a tip up where the hooksetter is not legal.

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    Well, thanks everyone.

    I think this is the only time I’ve literally seen 100% consensus on one thing.

    I went with the Finicky Fooler and ordered his bucket combo which comes with 2 Finicky Foolers and 2 hole covers.

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    Artic Warrior tip ups

    I’m not a fan of tip ups that are outside of the shack (I normally fish 100% from a permanent and only 1 trip a year where we use portables/fish outside) because I don’t like leaving gear outside the house and having to look up and out all the time.

    I plan on using these Finicky Foolers in nice weather when we are in a portable or fishing outside (early/late season) and where I’ll be more mobile dressed for the weather, not comfortable in a shack.

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    Not sure how i’m just hearing about these, but i’ll definitely be ordering some. They seem so simple – in a good way.

    The real question – green or orange flags?

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