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    just wondering if anyone has any(fishing)advice for me. i just got a boat last year and im itching to try the red wing area. where is an easy place to put in at(Evert’s maybe)? also, how much of a boatsman does one have to be to survive pool 4 in march/april? i’m not ready for deadliest catch yet. i guess what i’m asking is, can a new guy to the river fish pool 4 with out getting into too much trouble and maybe catch a few fish? any help is greatly appreciated

    John Schultz
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    Evert’s has nicely maintained ramps and Dean will have all the hot baits and best advice cookies can buy. If you haven’t fished pool 4 before, I would recommend trying to hire a guide for your first trip. You will learn more from one day with one of those guys than you can learn in 10 trips out on your own there. Current can get pretty strong and fishing can be pretty tough once the water comes up. It’s low and slow right now, but that won’t last long. If you are comfortable with your boating abilities, and you exercise a reasonable amount of caution, you should be fine on pool 4. Good luck.

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