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Lake Erie Report

  • onestout
    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 2480

    The report is coming in a little late, things have been busy with us selling our house and having to move, just glad I found time for this trip. We fished just north of Sandusky in 28-45 FOW and it changed day to day where the hungry fish were at. One thing that I have learned over the years is that it doesn’t pay to fight the wind on the big lakes, if the rollers were much over 3′ just take your time and go with it.

    for the most part the weather was perfect and it wasn’t a problem getting your limit each day, basic crawler/spinner rigs pulled behind boards is what we used. When fishing walleye out here you need to fish them like Salmon, vary the targeted depth and you will find them. Smallest fish we kept all week was 19″. Short report since I don’t have internet during the move.

    James Holst
    SE Minnesota
    Posts: 18801

    Looks like you got at least one good, calm day out on the water. Thanks for the update. I wanted to make it out there in April but couldn’t pull it together. From what I gathered we missed the bite of the century!

    Hudson, WI
    Posts: 2480

    When we were out there we could do no wrong, several days we were averaging between 6-8 fish per hour, we never went out early either, it was a good relaxing trip. The big fish in the pic was 30.5 and the 4 were 28-29. We had 10-15 that were 28+. Really fun trip and we were fishing close to the boat launch.

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