4 stroke motors

  • Jeremy
    Richland County, WI
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    What a world of difference between the 4 stroke and the 2 strokes. I have always had 2 stroke motors on my boats(25hp fishing on the wisconsin river) and have to choke them for the first start and let them warm up a little. I got a good deal on a used boat with a 4 stroke efi 40hp mercury and I can’t believe the difference,all you have to do is hit the starter and its running. I guess its about the same as comparing a vehicle with a carb to one with efi. I didn’t want to put a 25hp 4 stroke on my other boat because of the weight difference(the last time I looked the 4 stroke 25 weighed 50% more- 175lbs or so) but with the 40 I know it only weighs about 30 lbs more than the 2 stroke

    Eldora, Iowa
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    I agree, I have a 50 4stk Merc EFI and I love it. Obviously those of us with 50 horse motors are not after speed, (I would be if I could afford it). But when you are just looking for a good smooth running motor the 4 stk are awesome.

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