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  • fishiowa
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    I am looking at getting a Garmin GPS. I see the monchrome 172 is accurate to three meters and the 172C is only accurate to 10 meters, which rules it out. What is the 162 accurate too? I have found a couple good deals on them and would buy one if it goes to three meters.

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    If a GPS unit has WAAS capability, the accuracy is going to be about the same. Accuracy with GPS is like a car’s MPG rating – sometimes you get a little better mileage, and sometimes not as good. Don’t read too much into it. Just make sure you get a GPS that has WAAS capability. It can improve accuracy most of the time. Good luck.

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    I have 2 172C units. They are very easy to use and are just as accurate as all the other GPS units I have. Accuracy depends on how good of signal you are getting, no matter what unit you are using.

    I have not found a GPS that is hands down more accurate than any other yet.

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