Question on Garmin 172 gpsmap

  • fishiowa
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    I’m looking at a Garmin 172 gpsmap, not a color because of price. Does anyone have one and how do they like it?

    Northwest Iowa
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    Everett, you may find there are more folks on here that still have the older Garmin GPSMAP 162 yet, which is very similar to the 172. The guys here have been pleased with the 162 and our more recent customers have given the thumbs up on the 172. In the economical black and white units you have a few options: the 172, the Eagle Intellimap 480, and the Lowrance Globalmap 4800. My advice to you would be to consider if you will be using any optional maps and then make sure the maps that are compatible with your GPS of choice offer quality maps for YOUR lakes of interest. All three are good units in their own right.

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