Elliot Odessey noodle rod

  • jaymany6
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    Anyone have experience with this rod
    Looking at the 36” model

    Farmington, MN
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    The Ice show is coming up and there you can easily get your hands on many different rods to flex. I have not fished with it. I thought the action felt nice and I could find a spot for it in my arsenal.

    Bassn Dan
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    There are a lot of great noodle rods available so it’s a matter of matching your specific lure size/type you plan to use the rod for that will make one of them “the best” for you.

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    Mainly using it for vertical presentations
    1/32 pinhead minnows and clam half ants , etc

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    I own or have fished pretty much every noodle rod on the market, Custom built or Mass production. For pinheads My go to is the della bay Tip Dip, I bought the blank and built mine at 38″, but their 36″ is great.

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