Duck boat – $275

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    I bought this several years ago for a friend not knowing he already bought one. I have never used it because I have other small duck boats.
    Overall length 10 feet, width 40″, depth 12″

    Cockpit length 73″, width 24″, depth 10″

    Weighs ~100 pounds. Has a wood strip on each side with holes for poles for a blind. I replaced the oar lock blocks.
    The lighter paint areas on the bottom is where I reinforced with fiberglass some surface cracks and where transom meets the boat bottom. It did not leak before this repair. I had ~3 inches of water in it yesterday for a few hours and no leaks.
    There is wood on the inside of the transom and used to have a stub sticking up to mount a motor. The stub rotted off and the wood needs to be replaced if a motor mount is needed.

    Pick up in SW Hennepin County


    1. bottom.jpg

    2. side.jpg

    3. stern.jpg

    4. bow-1.jpg

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