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    At the farm and 2021 drought has destroyed all my food plots, corn is about a foot tall with no cobs,beans are dried up and dead, clover is crispy and weedy. Started over on everything. 20 bags of winter rye and 22lbs of ladino clover in the ground now. Good soil moisture now with 3.5″ of rain last week. Mowed all plots Friday, brother tilled most of the day yesterday and I followed him with spreader, seed and cultipacker.

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    Our corn and beans look great. Our clover is in bad shape and may not make it. We planted 1000 trees and 1200 shrubs, pretty sure none of them made it. The good part of the drought is that the loggers were able to turn a 2 year project into a 1 year project.

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    I’m up planting some last minute Rye and Oats as well. My buddy said 2 weeks ago everything was dried out and crispy. The river was dry as well. Now everything is green and the river is about 1.5 feet deep. Figured I’d run up for a couple days and make a last attempt.

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