Coming back,,,ONT to Baudette, MN

  • Mike Oleson
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    We buy our crawlers in Ontario, and use paper bedding while we are there.
    Last year, when we returned to the border headed south, we were forced to dump the balance of the unused crawlers.
    For those of you who have made the similar trip this year, what has been your experience?

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    I have not been there personally but remember seeing a post that talked about having to do that as well.

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    You cannot bring bait into the us you didn’t buy here. Since you cannot bring bait into Canada you cannot bring them back.

    South end
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    Right after, “Where & why were you in Canada?” “Fishing”
    The next ? is, “What are you bringing back?”.
    When I replied, “No fish, cannibis, & alcohol.” I got a welcome back to the US.
    It took 90 seconds.

    Michael C. Winther
    Reedsburg, WI
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    yep, i dumped our unused crawlers at the resort.

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