Clearwater fishing charter advice

    baldwin, WI
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    Anyone have input on a charter in Clearwater beach and surrounding area(good or bad). Taking the fam there in a week and hoping to go off shore gulf side and catching something. 3 kids will be along. Thanks!

    Angler II
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    I’ll be down there from April 1st-5th. I’m looking for info as well.

    Palmetto, Florida
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    Look into Hubbard’s Marina. They are just to the south.

    Minocqua, WI
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    If I was in the area, I’d use Capt. Dave Markett… (
    Now I am not sure if he will take you off shore or not, but he is a fantastic inshore fisherman and spends time in the Tampa Bay area…

    Capt. Michael Anderson ( He’s been doing a fishing show called reel animals for a few years now and I met him with Markett under the Sunshine bridge getting bait…

    His early show partner I think spends more time off shore… his name is Billy Nobles ( I am sure that if any of these three are busy, they’ll be able to point you the right direction for other captains in the area…


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