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Clear Lake Yellows

  • nater3
    Webster City, IA
    Posts: 198

    Does anyone know if the yellows have moved in shallow yet? Thinking about wading the island Friday night after work.

    Northeast Iowa
    Posts: 95

    As of Sunday not yet. I was over there all day for 6 bites.
    Good Luck if you get into them.


    Iowa - Franklin Co
    Posts: 277

    I stop by every Wed for business. There was ONE boat out yesterday. I think the weather needs to warm up some.

    Nashua Iowa
    Posts: 754

    I was planning to head up in the morning but they are talking frost in the am. With the rain and the lows in the mid 30’s at night the water will need to warm up to get them going. I would wait a weak good news is that it only takes a few good warm days to get them going. I’ll be fishing it by next friday for sure I’ll post what I find out.

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