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Chain Water Level Extremely High

  • JoeMX1825
    Posts: 8920

    Heads Up – Recent rains have caused the chain to rise about 2’, tons of debris everywhere in the water, I believe the Sheriff is asking for a lake wide no wake zone.

    cold spring mn
    Posts: 6777

    i just drove past there on 23. there’s a sign going down hwy 22 says road closed. didnt see any boats going west, but coming back there was 1 boat on becker and 2 boats on the river i could see from 23!!!!!!!

    we had 6 inches of rain here in cold spring, out by hawick/new london they said they got 8 inches!!!!! yea the water levels are super high!!!!

    Posts: 9965

    Everything is super high. I’ve never seen the Mississippi this high in sartell. It’s ridiculous.

    Mound, MN
    Posts: 4838

    Buddy woke up to his dock floating down the river…

    Posts: 8920

    Whoever has a home/cabin near the Coldspring dam has their choice of dock sections, canoes, rafts and whatever floated down from Richmond.

    Sartell, MN.
    Posts: 6980

    We fished the chain for opener today. Yep no wake. Although about half the people out there either did not know or did not care. Lots of boats running wide open. My buddy who I fish with who’s fished out there for 45 year said this was the highest he’s even seen it out there. Lots of water damage for homeowners out in that area. My guess is the water is 3 ft. + high. Landings were underwater and landing docks were hard to even see. The conditions made fishing tough for us to say the least. Worst opener out there ever for us. Hope no more rain in that area for awhile. If so the damage will get even worse

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