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Cats Incredible

  • DaveL
    Stacy, MN
    Posts: 94

    Cats Incredible 2009 registrations are posted!
    And my team made it this year.
    Also, I had seen Larry and Dtro on there.
    Congrats guys and good luck.

    1 hour 15 mins to the Pond
    Posts: 18101

    What is this??

    1 hour 15 mins to the Pond
    Posts: 18101

    Cool. Good luck all!!

    Posts: 1767

    This is the largest Catfishing Tournament in the Northern Midwest taking place on the Red River at GrandForks ND. With 150 two man teams going after channel Catfish.

    2009 Cats Incredible Rules and Entry Info

    Congrats Dave…. We’ll have to hook up for a cold one when were up there.

    We were #46 I see you guys made it in at #137, and Hanson and his dad just squeeked in at #149 out of #150.

    Cat’s Incredible 2009 Roster

    Last year we were on the back up list spot #156. Everyone told us we pretty much had a snowballs chance in hell to get in. Then about a week and a half before the tournement they called us saying that they had some drop outs. Needless to say… we had made some other plans and had to forgo the contest last year, with the promise that we would be prepared to get in till the very last minute.

    This makes for much easier planning now.

    If any other IDO’ers out there on the Roster give a shout.

    Fridley, MN
    Posts: 3053

    All I got to say is damn right for this tourney! Wish I could join!

    Posts: 1501

    Posts: 728

    Year #4 for Dad & I!

    One of these years we’ll have a good showing. It really is a tough contest and there are some phenomenal catfish anglers that fish it every year. Pretty much the best of the best in the Midwest. To place top 1/4th, you need (2) 18 pounders per day along with your slots, not easy with 150 other boats on the river.

    North Dakota, USA
    Posts: 360

    Well, I don’t fish it anymore for my own reasons, but if anyof you would like information I will try help you out the best I can. I just might try get in again next summer we will see. Mr. Hanson I will be expecting your call this year. Has to be the weekend before since the whole week before I will be fishing and camping up in the Islands on lake of the woods.

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