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Castle Rock Lake, WI. Jan. 9th 2010

  • bret_clark
    Sparta, WI
    Posts: 9362

    Since the last time I stepped foot on this piece of hard water more than 20 years has gone by, in a blink.

    Blue Fleck, Mikehd and myself left Sparta around 7am to meet up with Mike’s brother in law (also Mike) who has been out on the Lake a couple times already this year. They have been hauling in some dandy crappies with a mix of white bass, the key words here….. “have been hauling”

    There were some nice fish being caught the first hour or so after punching holes in 11-13fow. After that the bite died off and it was just good to see or hear someone in the group mark or catch a fish.

    The white Bass were more aggressive and more likely to bite but a few nice crappies did make it top side. Plus one walleye at 15 1/4 inches smacked a jigging spoon with a minnow head

    There was also 3 flags which only produced three dropped Rosy reds after a short run.

    While on a walk about with the Lazer Mag in one hand, MarCum and a St. Croix in the other, this gill smacked a spoon in 8fow. Looks to me like this lake might hold some bruisers if a guy could land on top of them.

    We struggled through a tough bite but did have fun on new waters. The three of us were in total agreement of making a trip back with the intentions of dissecting this resource a little further. The fish that did commit made for some rod bending action. Good quality crappies and hard tugging whities made for some smiles through out the day.

    Sparta, WI
    Posts: 9362

    The Spoon of the Day, Blue Fleck’s slender spoon

    Ron Johnsen
    Platteville wi
    Posts: 2969

    Great report Bret thanks

    cassville ,wis
    Posts: 3053

    Nice job Bret and gang Always exploring aren’t ya?

    N C Illinois
    Posts: 752

    Bret Great Job !! If you go back PM me I’ll help you out the best I can. My brother-inlaw has a place on the lake and we fish it alot. We’re going up this Thur,Fri,Sat. I’ll post how we do. New Years weekend they had over 70 crappies in 2 days. All were 11″ and bigger. It can be a tough place to fish but it’s treated us pretty good. Glenn

    Jeff Bennett
    Lake Puckaway Wi.
    Posts: 1180

    Hi Bret , great report about a great lake. Lots of stripers in the lake and crappies as well. Let me know when you come back to Castle Rock and maybe we can hook up and do some fishing and cooking out for a day.

    From Jeff

    Sparta, WI
    Posts: 9362

    Glen and Jeff,
    Thank you very much for the offers

    I’m going to keep an eye on the weather because I plan on being back soon

    Pat Howard
    Sparta Wi
    Posts: 1523

    Good job on a tough bite day

    Let me know if you want to try a bigger group effort sometime

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