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Can't view video clips anymore? Any help available?

  • bullcans
    Lake Mills, IA
    Posts: 1667

    Can’t view video clips anymore
    Recently I’m unable to view video clips that are posted
    Message says error occurred… Read more
    So I follow instructions, clear cookies, etc and still no luck

    For whatever its worth I’m using an Android tablet device and haven’t had a problem up till a couple weeks ago
    Any suggestions?

    Brian Klawitter
    Minnesota/Wisconsin Mississippi River
    Posts: 58727

    I’m guessing it’s all clips you’re having trouble with.
    How about YouTube videos?

    I’m using an old version of Safari and my flash needs to be upgraded. Unfortunately I need to update my OS before I can update my browser. And that’s not possible. New computer… again.

    Check to see if there’s a Flash or browser update available for your device.

    Best I have for you.

    Lake Mills, IA
    Posts: 1667

    I’ll try that BK. Thanks
    Still can watch you tube but yes most other clips from other sights can’t be viewed as well

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