Bunn Coffee maker

  • tim hurley
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    Free! Probably needs a fuse, easy to replace-heats the water to the best temp for coffee, makes a pot in under 5 minutes! Got another just like this one-hate to throw this one away, over 100 new. (this is the brand you will see in most restaurants)Price is firm!

    Farmington, MN
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    I can help get this going.
    Is it heavy, have any unicorn stickers, will you take any less even though your price is firm, do you have any pictures with the “cover” off, how many hours are on it, does the reverse work, can you meet me at my house, can I get it in a different color, do you take trades, will you gift wrap, how much coffee has it made, does it have Bluetooth, will it fit in a Prius, does it come with a warranty…

    Serious question: what model / how big is the foot print?
    Bunn makes some of the best coffee makers. Some are just too big for my countertop.

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    Probably needs a fuse. So just recycle it. It dont work.

    tim hurley
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    Ha! Thanks for the laugh Rod
    7×13 So a few inches longer than say a Mr. Coffee. Very clean design & brews in about 5 minutes.

    tim hurley
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    Just set up my new one-Nice, the lid where you put in the water is the ‘on’ switch, No bottons on the front face and only one on the whole thing. So if you want to program your coffee maker, want alarms and such don’t get this one, just brews at the best temp and fast.

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    Is the floor and transom solid? shock

    St. Paul, MN
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    What’s the maximum HP rating?

    If it’s not maxed, the resale value is only half of your asking price.

    River Falls, WI
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    Where are you located Tim? I would take this off your hands.

    tim hurley
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    I hate putting something good in the trash but that’s what happened-here in the metro, would have been a long drive. Thanks K

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