Bowstring Report for 5/13/2005

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    We arrived at 6:45 and less than 10 boats were at the launch. After waiting for only one boat, we hit the water at 7am on Saturday and headed out. The wind was out of the NW at 10-15 mph providing just the right chop for long drifts.

    Wanting to fish the very edge of the emerging cabbage, we graphed the weeds out to about 8 feet. It was there we started out first drift. Tipped with excellent medium sized shiners and rainbows from Ben’s Bait, we dropped our 1/8 oz jigs to the bottom of the 46 degree water. It wasn’t 90 seconds before we had our first fish, a 22″ pike.

    Within the first hour we had landed 8 more pike and our first walleye, a chunky 16 incher. This trend continued throughout the day. While we lost track of the pike, I estimate we caught pike to walleyes about 8 to 1. For the day we managed 6 lunch sized walleyes ranging from 15-17, 8 nice jumbo perch, and about 50 hammer handle pike with the largest running only 29″. The pike action finally was outweighed by the multiple rain storms and cutting wind as the weather chased us off the lake.

    Jig color didn’t seem to have much effect on the bite this day. We ran everything from dark blue to parrot to orange to glow white. They all worked the same. We did notice that some folks were dragging snells without much success. We talked to some others at the launch, some faired a slight bit better and some faired a slight bit worse. Based on talking with folks, we had a pretty typical bite for the lake that day. All in all, a great day on Bowstring.

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    Where is Ben’s Bait??? I am heading to Winnie in the morning for the rest of the week and weekend. I know sometimes it can be hard to find the right size shiners.

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    Ben’s Bait is right on HWY 2 going west out of Grand Rapids on the north side of the road. I’d say it is towards the west end of town.

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    JickyJack Thanks for the report! I fish Bowstring often, as my dad has a place up there and appreciate any info that may encourage me to make the four hour drive. yeah i can sympathize with that northern bite It can be great to have a kid along! what shoreline did you concentrate on?

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    We worked the northwest corner all the way down to the river inlet. Saturday the bite was best in the upper half of that run and Sunday the bite was clearly better just a bit west and north of the inlet.

    I know some guys worked the rock piles out east as well but the wind was offering more beating than my body wanted to take.

    Also, since you are in the area, you might consider round lake in about 12 fow along the north shoreline. Some friends of mine did pretty well there last weekend (15 eyes for 3 guys).

    I think those dark water lakes are the ticket up there right now as their temps are a little higher from the sunlight we have gotten. Working the emerging cabbage is always a good place to start. Jig and a minnow first, drift if you can, if not, cast and retreive. A little cork fishing is next on my list along with some plastics and if none of that works, I’m most likely outta there.

    Goodluck — let us know how it goes!!

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