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Big Creek 6-11-04

  • james
    Ankeny Iowa
    Posts: 290

    Well I made it out to the lake yesterday and today. Yesterday was not good only two crappies and they were small and released. Today I changed things and got into some smallies. Got 11 in about 45 minites then like a switch they quite so I moved around and got 2 nice BMs . Was only out for about three hours all released. Would have been longer but KCCI was out at the ramp with two DNR guys and I talked with them for about 45 min. to an hour. They were shooting something on boater safety . I took your advice Steve Z. and asked the DNR about the daily limit on Big Creek and it is (3) walleyes with (1) over 20 inches.The officer I talked to had a hard time finding it . It is in the ++ walleye section back on the last page ,very hard to find but it is true. It is not posted because they say it is our responsiblity to know the lake limits. If anyone has over three don’t get caught or you will pay the price. Hope to be out there Sat. in the AM. Hope to see you on the water. Jim

    Grimes, Iowa
    Posts: 170

    Great report Jim. You’ll need to clue me in on the smallies. I have caught a few but usually by accident. I have been swamped at work with a new promotion, so I am having to travel quite a bit. Once I get two new sites opened up, I will have more time. I will be up on Saylorville Lake today, but don’t know if I will get much fishing done. We are having a swimming/lake party for the boys baseball team. I need to take a day off so you and I can get out. I am leaving for Canada on Friday and will be gone for 10 days so I won’t be posting.

    Ankeny Iowa
    Posts: 290

    Well hit the lake today Sat. in the AM . Headed up to the smallies and they were there again. If the wind stays like it is they should be there for awhile. Only got 8 today and two small eyes all released. Went to look for some crappies with no luck so we headed to Cherry Glen around 10:00 am. What a joke . Corp was there directing trafic with a long line to get in so we left. Headed to the river below the dam and got into some nice and hot whites in the 13 inch range and got one nice eye for the frying pan. we did manage to get off the water before the wind hit. It was not a bad day on the water but only managed to boat about 22 fish in all for me and Terry did about the same. Hope to be on Saylorville starting MON. Have not been out there for a while . With the high water will have to look in differant places I guess. See you out there ……. Jim

    Des Moines, IA
    Posts: 199

    Great report Jim, Thanks!
    Wasnt there a walleye tournament there? I didnt hear any reports on it…..
    Has the BC water cleared up at all?

    Ankeny Iowa
    Posts: 290

    Dave Hello- Long time no see. The water is starting to clear . As for the tournament I don’t know. Seen Sparks out there and he said he had a couple of small eyes but that is all. Hope to be on Saylorville this week and will give a report if I do. Heading to Lake City Minn. again Fri. Hope things are going good on Pipin. Will let you know when I get back. see you on the water soon. Jim

    Posts: 18

    Any advice on catching walleye at Big Creek? I usually fish Brushy and never been to Big Creek. Thanks.

    Center of Iowa
    Posts: 727

    I went to BC sunday and fished from shore. The gills are big this year. Caught some nice bass about a pound. Went Monday in the boat marked all kinds of fish and could not buy a bite. Water was dirty even on the south end on Sunday.

    I can’t believe how many people on Sunday that went by in boats or pontoons at full throttle. Is it always like that on the weekend?

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