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Best time to come out on ice

  • Spencer Haugen
    Posts: 99

    I’m curious on when the best time is to come out in the winter for the perch and eyes for a first timer lol

    Walleyestudent Andy Cox
    Garrison MN-Mille Lacs
    Posts: 4484

    As soon as the ice is safe enough for you to get out there. The best time will always be when you have the time to get out there.

    For a first timer, make sure to check with or go out of a resort that has checked ice conditions and can direct or advise you where you’re okay or where you dare not venture.

    Good luck, and hope you have a successful and fun time!

    Tom Sawvell
    Posts: 9559

    Whenever others have made a well worn trail before you. Ice is a learning experience and you’ll learn as you go. Hopefully you stay dry during the learning process.

    Dusty Gesinger
    Minnetrista, Minnesota
    Posts: 2413

    Late ice can also be good out there, especially perch.

    Southern WI
    Posts: 988

    I’ve been out there 3 times, New Years weekend, mid January and early March. The January trips were better for us, the 1 year in March (St Patty’s weekend), the perch bite was shut down, the few we did catch (with a guide) were big but the bite was very light, if you didnt have a noodle rod, you would never feel a bite.

    I was planning on going last year in mid March, but there was way too much snow to get around, you would need something with tracks

    Going out there this winter in late January, hoping for less snow

    Spencer Haugen
    Posts: 99

    Right on thanks guys and yea hopefully we get less snow out here I know Sakakawea was hot right away but I want to try for the perch on devils

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