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best relief shading mapping card for hook 7 TS

  • Jeremie Callaway
    Posts: 1

    Bought a boat from a broker with Hook 7 TS Lowrance but the previous owner removed whatever card came with it. Under charting it has a c-map choice and a navionics choice. Not a card for either. I tried updating the software online at with a 65g micro sd card. Followed the steps online and it never recognized the card. What is the proper micro sd size to back up my settings? And what is the most detailed shading relief card for this unit? Found a C-map reveal US lakes southeast and in the Amazon comments someone said this works with the Hook 7 TS but on the C-map it says its not compatible. Any specific details appreciated

    Paul Codner
    Posts: 15

    32 gig SD card is the max size

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