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Best bacon ever.

  • stevenoak
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    I’ll be stopping by Thielen in Little Falls in Oct. Gonna get bacon and picnic hams! Then will see about their brats! Yum Chicken n pineapple! a few others.

    Oh and wild rice meatloaf mix.

    Wife and I hit up Thielens on the way up to the cabin. Bacon was very good. Only maybe second it to the bacon the butcher used to smoke at the Super One in International falls before it was bought out. But you can’t get it anymore. We also did a couple pounds of burger and a couple NY Strips that were also excellent. Give a report at the meatloaf. Sounded better to me than it did to my wife. We will be stopping to stock up on bacon on the way home. I don’t have much of a taste for mass produced bacon. All I get is the additive taste. Thanks for another good heads up.

    SW Metro
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    Grabbed some hickory smoked and maple bacon from Petty Bros in Annandale last weekend. It was very good and excellent brats too. Definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.

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