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Are Thorne Brothers Custom Predators Worth It?

  • Alex Weismann
    Posts: 24


    I saw an old thread that was titled something similar and read through the replies, but I wanted to make a newer thread with hopefully some newer answers. Anyways, the main reason I’m asking is because just yesterday, I went to the Thorne Brothers store just outside of Minneapolis and quickly realized that it’s a pretty sweet store. Met the coolest dude ever and spent a lot of time talking about rods, reels, etc. I ended up getting my first Tranx 400 HG which I was super stoked about. I asked him about which rod would be about as versatile as possible, along with obviously being a good brand I could depend on. Of course, him being an employee, he recommended their Predator rods and did a great job at making them sound like the greatest rod in the world, which from what I’ve read, they kind of are. So, we went ahead and built the rod on paper, got the price, and essentially said, “See ya in two months or so when it’s done and here.” I told him that if I liked it, I’d pay for it in person when I see it. So, sorry about the probably unnecessary backstory, but I want to ask some opinions on their rods and if they’re as great as they seem and their price.

    Thanks for reading if you did.

    North branch, mn
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    Thorne bros makes top of the line rods

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 2461

    Thorne Brothers has the best Musky blanks out their period. Their predator rods are top notch. I bought my first predator over 15 years ago and it still holds strong today. I ended up selling off my St. Croix Legend Tournament musky rods and now have a Predator MH, H, XH, XXH, and F-90M. The XH gets used the most. They can’t be beat. You made a great choice.

    Alex Weismann
    Posts: 24

    You made a great choice.

    That’s definitely reassuring to hear. Thanks for the response sir.

    St Louis Park, MN
    Posts: 82

    the biggest thing I noticed with the predators from my other rods was the weight savings. They make fishing all day a lot easier.

    between them and the st croix big nasty they are great rods.

    Posts: 234

    They make excellent rods, I have never heard a bad review of their predators. St. Croix legend tournament is also very good, but I will probably get a predator when I am ready to upgrade.

    Carter Johnson
    Anoka County
    Posts: 1103

    I was lucky enough to be able to use a buddies for a day fishing and the rods are incredible. Weight savings are huge and easier to keep you going. Id buy one some day when I need to upgrade. You will be happy.

    International Falls a few miles from Rainy Lake
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    The good news of the day was you found Thorne Brothers and their staff. The store is a Muskie guys dream.

    The bad news of the day… would have been cheaper to make friends with the neighborhood crack dealer. jester jester

    Waconia MN
    Posts: 1638

    The good news of the day was you found Thorne Brothers and their staff. The store is a Muskie guys dream.

    The bad news of the day… would have been cheaper to make friends with the neighborhood crack dealer. jester jester

    Start Muskie fishing and you won’t be able to afford drugs!
    I have 3 predators and 3 legend tournaments. The predators are always my favorite.

    cold spring mn
    Posts: 6777

    not to mention there customer service is second to none in my opinion. they also fixed one of my ice fishing rods for a reasonable price.

    let me explain the customer service, for this i will do business there all the time, and i live an hour and a half away.

    so when i retired the other staff gave me a $00.00 gift card to Thorne Bros. somehow i lost it, and i still havent found it!!!! doah so i called them, explained the situation, gave them some of the finer details. the guy said i’ll have to do some looking, may take a couple days. 3 hours later he called back, gave me some numbers to write down.

    couple weeks later the boss and I went down to the store and they honored that number. to this day i am totally appreciative of what they did for me!!!

    some day i want to replace my pullover fishhouse with an insulated one. i will shop other stores to get an idea what i want, but will purchase it an Thornes!!!!! waytogo

    Farmington, MN
    Posts: 2461

    I have to stop in there when I am in the area. Their customer service is top notch. I had a blank issue two weeks ago. They took care of me without hesitation. Their prices are fair. I try to buy as much thru them as I can.

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