Anyone use starlink on the ice

  • Spencer Haugen
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    I’m looking at the starlink for my fish house but was curious on if anyone has used one on the bigger lakes where your more spread out and if So did it work great?

    Hard Water Fan
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    As long as there is coverage, it should work. I have been thinking about getting it at home.

    SE MN
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    I heard there was a 1 year waiting list to get it installed.

    Not sure if it’s true or not.

    I should get it. CenturyLink sucks.

    Gitchi Gummi
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    As long as there is a *clear view of the sky to the north*, it will work. One important thing to note is I believe you will need the RV/roaming plan if you plan to use it anywhere other than your home address. That plan is a little more expensive than the residential plan.

    The waiting list/time to get starlink depends on where your home address is and how much capacity is in that area. I’m in a low density area so I was able to get online right away (took ~5 days to receive the hardware). If you’re in a high density area, that is usually where the longer wait time comes in. In order to not bog down the network for existing users, they wait until they add more satellites (capacity) to their system before they add more users to a high density cell.

    Starlink is great for people who have limited other internet options. I pay $90/month and usually get somewhere around 100-200 mbps download speed.

    Brad Dimond
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    Engineers I managed used Starlink for home internet during the pandemic years and were very pleased. When I retired in January 2021 they were still at home and are still there today.

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    My parents have it for their house. Always seems to be fast connection. Only issue we’ve noticed is Teams calls. The connection refreshes every few minutes and you buffer for one second. Don’t notice it streaming videos though

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    Mav did it and Ice camping, and playing fortnite on the ice lol.

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    I’ve heard Tmobile home internet is pretty good. I have a buddy that literally just leaves it in the back of his truck and has internet everywhere he goes. I haven’t tried to log into it but it seems to work fine even in Northern MN, we live streamed music and a movie in Bear Head Lake State Park.

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    Not on the ice, but our resort in Canada had it on LOW and it was fantastic. I think in a fishhouse it would be even better.

    Gregg Gunter
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    Mav did it and Ice camping, and playing fortnite on the ice lol.

    Omg Mav had it all on the ice.

    Mound, MN
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    Mav did it and Ice camping, and playing fortnite on the ice lol.

    That was a pretty entertaining episode. I’m not a gamer but I’ll have a pretty similar setup this season on the ice for those long out of town trips

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    I think that the “mobile” service is a little bit more than the home service?

    In general though everyone I know that has it is very happy. I would say I have 10 people I know that have it. For a fish house I can see how it would be awesome then you can have it on your boat or car in summer.

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    I wonder if Starlink has enough bandwidth to eliminate lagging on games. I just hotspot the phone for internet and it is decent for online games, but there is not always signal to do it at certain lakes.

    Mark J.
    Southeastern Wisconsin
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    I have Starlink for ~ 2 years now. I was an early beta tester when it came out.
    The pros: It works if you have a clear view of the northern sky. It has a heat setting which increases the power usage to melt snow off the dish. You can for the most part play online games with it (son). My speeds in southeastern Wisconsin are ~ 100 Mbps down and 25 Mbps up. It can vary on your area and the number of users.

    The bad: The price has gone up 3 times since my beta testing (it’s now $120 in my area) and can be $90 if your in an area whit limited users. Speeds during my beta testing were almost twice what they are now. During high periods of usage (Friday nights, Thursday night Amazon football streaming) you may see your speeds drop dramatically (below 20 Mbps). Starlink customer support is AWEFUL! I can’t stress this enough, if you have an issue and the service goes down, the only way to submit a service ticket is through the app (which works through the dish). So basically your service is down and you’re hoping someone is aware of the issue. I have literally asked questions like “Why was my service down for 1 hour on Saturday” and received a response back from starlink with nothing even remotely close to an answer.

    Is it a good product if you don’t have high speed options, yes. Just keep in mind it’s not the cheapest option by far, the customer service is somewhere below AT&T standards (whom I’d never use) and the start up to purchase a dish has gone up as well.


    Gitchi Gummi
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    as another starlink user, I echo everything Mark said. Although I will mention my speeds often times are 200-250 mpbs during certain times, but they definitely do bog down during times of congestion (like TNF)

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