Any Advice For This Week(end)?

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    Hey guys, a group of us are going to head up to the casino Wednesday thru Sunday. Now I know it’s been a little slow up there (at least that’s what I’ve heard), but the fish that are to be had are out deeper, on cranks or bouncers. With Wednesday being a relatively (compared to the rest of the week) nice day, we’re thinking of hitting the bridge(s) by the casino, then heading up to Creel Bay and working all the points/rocks/deeper structure. I know we’re early for the fall bridge bite, but the bridges are always so tempting, plus the weed should be coming out of the East, and pushing some good current through there. Any opinions or advice on that game plan would be more than welcome.

    As far as the rest of the week, any ideas what that big cold front moving through is going to do to the fish? Send em deep and slow em down? Any advice for combating that would be hugely appreciated, because we only come up here once a year, and it’s a big lake to try to figure out in a few days. Thanks again guys, I’ll let you know how we do!

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    talked to a guy that was there a week ago and still caught some big fish close to the weeds with jigs in pelican

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