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Albert Lea area Lakes, reports? Planning a trip

  • carroll58
    Twin Cities, USA
    Posts: 2094

    Anybody been fishing Fountain or Albert Lea Lake lately?
    Any tips for success, multi-species?

    Planning a visit to go with my brother Allen; Paul my nieces husband (from Twin Cities) and Paul’s dad from Jackson.

    Since “The DAM BAIT SHOP” closed, I see very few reports on the fishing there.

    What stores sell good bait there now or should I buy before I get there?

    SE MN
    Posts: 3218

    Anybody know if they are done dredging the lakes there? I saw a dredge parked on fountain in April but never go that way really. Just wondering if it would be a waste of a day fishing that area?

    Southcentral MN
    Posts: 410

    Wish I could be of help, but I don’t get down that far south.

    Hoping to get out again locally. I still would like to catch a bluegill or two.

    Lake Mills, IA
    Posts: 1661

    Sorry I can’t help with a fishing report but I can answer a couple questions posted here.
    As far as bait, I would stop at Cabelas on the way down because other than nightcrawlers at Wal Mart in Albert Lea, I’m not sure of anything else around. As far as Dredging on Fountain, Yes, I believe they are completed.
    Fishing was decent for Crappies this past winter on Fountain. Checking on the most western side of Fountain and looking for deeper structure.
    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help with intel.
    Good luck waytogo

    Twin Cities, USA
    Posts: 2094

    Dredging will continue thru next year, maybe a bit longer.
    Dredging the main lake and Dane Bay this year, using 2 dredges.
    Check the Shell Rock river Water Shed district

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