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Advise on predator call.

  • robby
    Quad Cities
    Posts: 2491

    Hello all and Happy New Year! I used to coyote hunt quite a bit, calling them. I started off using an old Johnny Stewart battery operated cassette caller. I added the remote control later. It was heavy and cumbersome, but it did work. I also called in some fox, racoons, funny incidentals, and a Bobcat before many around here believed we had any. I eventually graduated to mouth blown calls and have a pretty neat collection. I have not blown them in years, but will maybe practice and do so again. Anyways, my babble part is over. I am interested in buying a modern remote predator caller that you can attack a decoy thing to. The decoy things is not an absolute need as I feel an old arrow without fletching with a light thread attached to a feather and stuck in the ground does as well. So, what are all of your recommendations? I appreciate your opinions, and recommendations. Be safe and wack a few? Also, are coyote pelts worth anything these days? I have my doubts, consideration our relations and sanctions with China and Russia.

    Joe Jarl
    SW Wright County
    Posts: 890

    I went with the Foxpro Hammerjack a few years ago. Don’t get out much, but it hasn’t failed me yet. Haven’t shot anything over it yet unfortunately. Came with the decoy attachment. I spent many years with mouth calls and they do work. The idea of being able to set the call upwind is what sold me on the electronic.

    Randy Wieland
    Lebanon. WI
    Posts: 12962

    Heavy western will have some value, as they always do. Last I saw, anything brown or cinnamon is very low.

    Audio quality in the last few years has increased so much and leveling off. Just about any manufacturers in mid price range and up are all going to have good sound. Stay away from cheap. Then just the one that has the features you want.

    (507) MN
    Posts: 119

    loud calls are better! Im always struggling with wind carrying my sound away with my fox pro. its never loud enough to compete with winter winds!

    Posts: 6255

    I’m running a lucky duck revolt.
    Like how I can rotate the call to distribute the sound which makes it more realistic. Pretty penny though

    Quad Cities
    Posts: 2491


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